Best Watches for Women 2017

The 2017 line of women’s watches exceeded consumer expectations. The best watches for women 2017 set a new level of grace and elegance in watch design specifically catered to women’s style interests. You can expect this list contains prominent brands with an established reputation for intricate and stylish watch designs.

Women’s watches have a slightly different look compared to men’s watches in general. This information is for the benefit of those who newly found their fascination for women’s watches. While there is no strict rule that says women cannot wear a men’s watch, you can expect the accessory would not settle well on their wrists because the design was not intended that way.

Women’s watches tend to have thinner straps and made of special fabric choices beyond the usual leather, the intricate designs are also subtle, and the diameter is smaller than a men’s watch. Here are some of the best watches for women 2017 you might consider:

Movado Edge
A watched created by Yves Béhar, the Movado Edge was built with a 34 mm polished steel case fashioned to perfection for timekeeping. This piece contained a sandblasted silver-toned aluminum dial known to exemplify fine craft. It is complete with a leather strap that can fit snugly to a woman’s wrist.

Longines Symphonette
If you’re a fan of oval-shaped cased watches, this model’s case is built from steel with 56 Top Wesselton diamonds. The crystals used for the piece were made from sapphire with several layers of antireflection. It also boasts an 18k crown on the side.

TAG Heuer Lady Link
This watch is powered by TAG Heuer quartz and completely polished to greatness for its wearers. Built with a 32mm case made entirely of stainless steel, this time keeping device exemplifies elegance and style fit for ladies.

Bulgari Serpenti
The brand is best known for its Serpenti line of watches. This model was designed suitable for all events. It comes with interchangeable leather straps with various colors to choose from.

Chopard Happy Sports Diver’s
You’ve guessed what this women’s watch was designed for. As a waterproof timepiece, it can withstand depths for up to 300 meters and still remain functional. It is part of the Happy Sports Collection. The watch is a self-winding and available in three colors, turquoise, raspberry rubber and navy blue NATO strap.

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Patek Philippe World
This model came from the manufacturers of the most expensive watch brands. The Patek Phillipe World was meant for women who loved to travel and keep track of time with style. This timepiece features an 18-carat white gold and timekeeping functionality for different time zones with a click of a button.

We hope this list proved to help whenever you’re thinking of purchasing a quality watch for women. No matter what type of watch you prefer, as long as you’re comfortable with your own style, the watch could suit your look.

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[Best Watches for Women 2017]

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