The Promotion and Advertising of Certain Products or Services Using the Power of the Internet

Online marketing is the promotion and advertising of certain products or services using the power of the Internet. Also called “internet marketing,” it has been a revolutionary advancement in terms of marketing as it is efficient, inexpensive and is able to reach a wide range of audiences. What makes it so popular among companies is that information is delivered and broadcasted to a high volume of people at a meager cost or sometimes, for no cost at all. Dave Pascht Online Marketing will show you the several components the make up online marketing

Establish a Website – Setting up an independent website takes work but is the most effective components of online marketing. Using a combination of text, images, audio files and videos, you can deliver a message or advertise on a particular product or service.

Search Engine OptimizationMarketing sites by placing them higher on search engine results require an intricate knowledge on search engine optimization or SEO. Once a site is placed higher on searches, it gets more visitors, leading to more traffic.

Blogs – Independent sites and blogs are becoming popular now since they are easy to make and most often, come with no charges at all. Creating a blog and allowing comments to be posted is a good way of marketing since it goes to show that people read the content of your site and express their opinions about a particular product or service.


Emails – Marketing through email is also a component in online marketing. It involves the distribution of emails to a set number of contacts that contain varying information. It may be a description of the products or services that you’re offering. It may be a promo that is available on your site. You can also allow feedback generation from customers via email.

Articles – This component involves writing articles that are relevant to your product or services that you’re offering. Article marketing contains information, which is the powerful tool in online marketing. Articles are then published to your own site, a good example is Dave Pascht Online Marketing website, or other online article sites.

Social Media – Probably one of the most powerful components, if not the most powerful, social media marketing is done by using a number of social networking sites to introduce or promote your products or services and spreading them out from user to user. These sites include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and many more sites. Visit Canon-Ixus95 for more